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Leboulch group

The quality of the Leboulch trailers and spreaders is based on a more than 50 years old know-how.

70 years of evolution in the manufacturing of agricultural trailers and vehicles.

From the agricultural cart manufactured in 1945 to the Evolupro 7321 spreader or the Gold XXL 24000 tipping trailer, Leboulch has imposed its brand in the French agriculture.

Thousands of tipping trailers, spreaders, bale trailers and trailers are manufactured in La Vieille Lyre and marketed in France and Europe.

Research department

At the service of constant improvement

Today, the whole Leboulch range is designed and manufactured with new tools and industrial processes:
laser cutting
assembly on jigs...

For Leboulch EDA is:

standardized working methods, integrated all technological evolutions and improvements.

The know-how of the research department was recognized these last 3 years by 3 nominations to the innovation prize winner list at SIMA.

Its research department is equipped with 3D EDA tools and automatic material resistance calculators. The whole manufacturing process is managed by a computer-aided production management allowing to memorize all operations in order to ensure a quality follow-up of the ISO 9000 type.

Research department