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Gold2 tipping trailers

Leboulch GOLD2 monocoque agricultural tipping trailers are available in several models ranging from 16 to 32 tonnes GVW and 1.2 m or 1.5 m inside height. They are made from S420MC high tensile steel, which has enabled us to create a light body with fewer reinforcements that remains sturdy thanks to the full-length folds.

These beige and red tapered bodies are wider at the bottom to lower the centre of gravity and facilitate emptying. Additional features include a door seal, a parabolic leaf suspension, a grain chute with adjustable opening and a large sight window.

Gold2 XXL


  • Single or double axle
  • 11 to 18 tonnes
  • Body height: 1.2 m
  • Sturdy and reliable

47S16 XL

53S16 XL

53D19 XL

58D22 XL

62D24 XL


  • Double or triple axle
  • 13 to 22 tonnes
  • Body height: 1.5 m
  • High resistance to intensive use

53D19 XXL

58D22 XXL

62D24 XXL

67D24 XXL

67D26 XXL

73D26 XXL

73D29 XXL

79T32 XXL

85T32 XXL

Gold2 XXL


XL models

*Total height: 2.54 m (47S16 to 53D19) or 2.66 m (58D22 and 62D24) with 1,230 mm-diameter wheels

XXL models

*Total height: 2.84 m (53D19) or 2.96 m (58D22 to 85T32) with 1,230 mm-diameter wheels

Light tapered body

Thanks to the use of high tensile steel and a body design based on successive folds, Leboulch has significantly reduced the weight of its tipping trailers. The body has a cone shape (2.25 m inside width at the front, 2.3 m at the rear) and tapers at the base to facilitate unloading. These two features ensure a greater stability to the machine when tipping.


(A) Body in ST420 high tensile steel sheet (thickness: 4 mm).

(B) Shot blasting.

(C) 2K primer coat applied directly after blasting + flash-off before applying the finish.

(D) Finish with 2K paint and a hammered effect.

Sturdy tubular chassis stringer of 300 x 100 x 10 mm

Running gear

The bogie suspension with parabolic leaves (on models from 53D19 to 67D24) offers a large wheel travel for improved crossing capacity thanks to its mounting kinematics and load distribution.

Tandem/tridem suspensions with connecting rods (on models from 67D26 to 85T32) are the best compromise for both road and agricultural use.


Drawbar suspension with adjustable longitudinal spring leaves (3 positions) to modify the hitching height to the tractor and keep the body at the optimum level in relation to the ground.

Narrow drawbar for maximum turning radius with the tractor.

Wide choice of eyelets

(A) Welded Ø 50 mm (standard)

(B) Bolted knee-joint (option)

(C) Bolted Ø 50 mm (option)

Parking stands

Hydraulic folding parking stand attached directly to the trailer chassis to free the drawbar and facilitate turning.

Double hydraulic parking stand for unloading with a loaded trailer, for a greater stability and to avoid torsions on the whole tipping trailer.

Dual brakes (hydraulic and air brakes)

Leboulch offers the 3 types of braking systems available on the tractor market: air , hydraulic or dual (air and hydraulic) brakes.

Pay attention to the certifications in your country! (EC)

Hydraulic brakes

Air brakes

Dual brakes (hydraulic+ air brakes)


The free- or self-steering axle systems make manoeuvring easier and reduce tyre wear.

Free-steering axle with hydraulic locking for reversing (on tridem, also available on front axle).

Self-steering system when driving forward and reversing: ideal for farmyards to protect tyres and soil (on tridem, also available on front axle).


Tipping hinge placed as far back as possible to be as high as possible when tipping.

Subframe wider than chassis with a sturdy crosspiece for a greater stability when tipping.

locking of the body on the chassis for a noise-reduced contact and a maximum stability of the body on the chassis. When the trailer is loaded, the silentblock crushes slightly and the body rests on the stringers.

Rear bumper

Galvanised rear bumper, with adjustable height and depth to prevent material build-up.

Omega-shaped reinforcements

The body also features omega-shaped reinforcements to reinforce the floor and side walls.

Weight transfer

The load transfer avoids side shocks when tipping and ensures a perfect stability. Indexing option: automatic load transfer during tipping

Compressor with hydraulic lowering control (+ manual lowering lever to lower the body from the ground) or combined tipping system (P.T.O.-shaft and direct connection to the tractor).


A large Plexiglas window protected by a grating gives the driver a good visibility inside the body.


LED flashing beacon (standard)

Working light (option)

Document tube

Document tube with individualised parts book and user manual.

Wide choice of extensions

To best suit your needs, Leboulch offers extensions of 300 (steel or aluminum), 500 (aluminum) or 700 mm (aluminum), stackable up to 1 m. To limit weight and facilitate assembly by a single person, 2-part side extensions on single- and double-axle models, and 3-part extensions on triple-axle models, are available.

Rolling cover

Document tube with individualised parts book and user manual.

Front grate

Open front grate for silage kit.

Ladder and mudguards

Ladder, galvanised side mudguards and pre-equipment for optional equipment(side bumper and thermoplastic mudguards).

Thermoplastic mudguards

Recommended for on-road use, the thermoplastic mudguard option limits splashing onto the tractor or tipping trailer.

2 grain hatches/removable chutes

This equipment allows you to select the unloading side: left or right. If the tipping trailer is on a slope, this limits the weight on the low side. It also allows an easier emptying of the whole body: there is less matter left on the side walls.

High-tipping trailer

This option allows the body to be raised to facilitate the handling of bulk products, such as potatoes or fertilizer.

High-tipping trailer for easy high-level emptying of bulk products.

Safety and eas

High-clearance rear door with hydraulic opening for easy unloading of silage with an extension and to avoid scraping the pile when tipping at the highest.

Door opening cylinder protected by the door arm and upper body edge strip. Double door closing safety system: hydraulic with check valve and mechanical with 2 adjustable hooks.

Flexible seal in a rail along the entire height of the door.